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Current Projects: Working Women's Support Centre

WWSC (Working Women's Support Centre) is a window project of LHRLA. It is a non- political, non-profitable organization working to provide free legal assistance in the city. The WWSC was established as a joint venture by LHRLA and ACILS (American Centre for International Labour Solidarity).

It is an organisation working to:

  • Provide legal aid to victims of any kind of harassment at the workplace or public places.

  • Offer psychiatric help to women who feel mental stress at their places of work.

  • Establish media networking to bring more awareness about the cases to the public.

  • Hold public awareness weeks regarding women's issues, especially in the sphere of work.

  • Investigate maltreatment and sexual harassment cases in different government, semi-government and private institutions.

  • The inaugural ceremony of Working Women's Support Center

  • Help women get their legal rights as promised in the labour laws.

  • Develop co-ordination between trade unions and civil society and persuade the former to allow women to participate more actively in decision-making.

  • Encourage government, semi-government and private organisations including multinationals to develop policies against harassment.

  • Facilitate women in forming their unions and to help them in registration.

  • Contact the stakeholder for bringing positive changes in the national labour policy and to create a healthy environment for working women.

    Under the auspices of the WWSC, workshops and paralegal training programs are also organized; these programs aim to raise awareness regarding the law, the facilities available to women in the present legal system and impart knowledge about the importance of the role that women play in their professional lives.

    WWSC recorded a series of interviews and a substantial amount of information on the conditions of women workers in the garment factory has been collected.

    Four sets of brochures on the harassment of women and the laws relevant to the problem were published. These brochures have been distributed; the response was positive and the demands for reprints are immense.


    Case Profile


    The harassment case of Dr. Fauzia Saeed along with 10 other employees of UNDP was solved after a struggle of 20 months. WWSC continuously assisted them through out that period.

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