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Lawyers for Human Rights & Legal Aid
Opp. Sindh Assembly Building, Court Road,
Karachi-74200, Pakistan
UAN: 111-911-922 Fax: 5685938


Upcoming Projects

  • Formal Inauguration of Madadgaar

  • Trafficking Research/Reports

    Human trafficking has been ranked by many governments as the third most serious, illegal trade after drugs and armaments. According to a rough estimate there are around a million Bangladeshis, and over two hundred thousand Burmese women who have been trafficked into Karachi alone.

    A report published by LHRLA states that over 150 women were brought into Pakistan, every day between 1991 and 1993; 19000 Pakistani children have been trafficked into the UAE. LHRLA was the first organization in the country to take up the issue of trafficking. It was also the first to initiate the issue in Bangladesh.

    LHRLA, owing to its extensive experience in working with trafficked persons, now has the human resources and expertise to study other forms of commercial sexual exploitation. It proposes to hold a study to examine the laws and practices of the country under the light of CEDAW and understand how much is encompassed in it and what actually materialises in terms of reality.

  • Some other plans for the future

    1. Launching a series of nine posters to facilitate the jail inmates. They will be displayed in the premises of almost a thousand premises across the country.

    2. Launching ceremony of jail brochures and pamphlets on 'Legal Education Behind Bars' in Sindhi.

    3. Paralegal training sessions will be held in October 2000.

    4. Three orientation workshops to be held in July, September and December 2000.

    5. So far five seminars have been conducted in connection with the 'Jail Project'. The sixth and last one was held in August, 2000

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