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Lawyers for Human Rights & Legal Aid
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As mentioned earlier LHRLA has published and distributed innumerable pamphlets, brochures and reports to propagate its message and ideals.

  • LINK

  • Reports on Trafficking

  • Report on Harassment of Women

  • 'A Study'-UNESCAP



























































    LHRLA is an NGO that works in various capacities for strengthening civil society. Thus, it is in turn answerable to civil society, and to facilitate this process of transparency and accountability an attempt has been made to forge a "link" with people at large. LINK is a monthly newsletter, which through definition and mandate attempts to facilitate exchange of information between the organisation and it's environs. The social environs are composed of a diffuse and multifaceted amalgam of individuals, organisations, the law community, NGOs, donor agencies and institutions, all encapsulated in the term 'civil society'.

    LINK summarises the philosophy, the ideals, the perspectives, the work and the multifarious activities of LHRLA. Dissenting viewpoints, further examination and consensus - all are equally welcome. LINK is a thematic four-monthly; thus the first issue deals with legal aid, the second issue with juvenile justice, and the third is devoted to the concept of continuing legal education. There are various articles on the status of legal aid in Pakistan, on child sexual abuse and exploitation, on continuing legal education etc. Each issue has a synopsis of what the organisation has achieved during the past three months. Copies of these can be obtained on request if from the office of LHRLA.

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    Reports on Trafficking

    Three reports have been published on the flesh trade and deal with the trafficking of women and children in Pakistan. They elaborate on the methods by which Bangladeshi and Burmese women and children are trafficked into Pakistan and describe how children used as camel jockeys are smuggled out of Pakistan. The reports were published in 1991, 1993 and 1995-96. Copies of these can be obtained from the LHRLA office.






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    Report on Harassment of Women

    A report has been published on 'Harassment of Women at the Workplace'. Written by Ms. Nazish Brohi, it deals with gender-based discrimination, violence and abuse and sexual harassment of women at the workplace. It is a workshop report and includes the proceedings and recommendations of the workshop participants.








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    'A Study' - UNESCAP (The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific).

    This was a study initiated by UNESCAP and facilitated by the LHRLA in Sindh. The document published at the conclusion of the research is entitled 'Sexually Exploited and Abused Children - A Qualitative Assessment of their Health Needs and the Services Available'. This is a document that deals with child abuse in Pakistan and furnishes fairly comprehensive data.







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