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Lawyers for Human Rights & Legal Aid
Opp. Sindh Assembly Building, Court Road,
Karachi-74200, Pakistan
UAN: 111-911-922 Fax: 5685938



LHRLA was formed to meet the ever-growing demands of those who cannot afford the expenses of litigation. The masses that seek help are mainly destitute women and children. This segment of the population is illiterate and financially deprived; it is also totally ignorant of its legal rights. Even among the educated class, the individuals have only a negative view of the legal system and are mostly unaware of their basic fundamental rights. Hence there was a dire need for an organization which would be guided by the UN resolutions for upholding human rights and which would devote all of its energies and resources single-mindedly to provide preventive and remedial legal help.

The system that LHRLA has adopted is to provide direct legal aid by approaching law enforcement agencies, the D.I.G. police, the Home Secretary, the provincial governor and other highly placed officials with reports, petitions and statistics. It is a strong issue-oriented organization with a motto for action, not mere rhetoric. The organization welcomes all cases where there has been an infringement of human rights; it focuses primarily on cases of woman and child abuse, trafficking, illegal detention, rape, torture, dissolution of marriage, child custody, the juvenile justice system, jail reforms and public interest litigation. In other words, it takes on all human rights violation cases; and last but not least, cases involving the Hudood Ordinance, which has been distorted and used against the victims, rather then the culprits.

The objective is to provide justice to as many people as possible and if that means that the law should be changed or reformed then LHRLA is willing to take a stand to that effect.

In the eyes of LHRLA, justice encompasses free legal aid as well as work for the restoration of all gross violations of human rights. It provides preventive, remedial and direct legal aid and free counselling for the aggrieved party.

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