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Lawyers for Human Rights & Legal Aid
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Karachi-74200, Pakistan
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Current Projects: Madadgaar

Madadgaar is an Urdu word which means 'Helper'. This is the name of the protection services centre for children and women established by LHRLA in collaboration with UNICEF, to facilitate the victims of torture and abuse - both sexual and physical.

The objective is to support the government and civil society in the process of implementing the CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child) and the CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women). It reviews policy, enforcement, monitoring and evaluation procedures and hopes to raise awareness and report on progress.

The strategy is to form a support service system by setting up a data-base on missing children, through help lines, referral support services, crisis intervention services for women and children, documentation of services available in Karachi.

The protection services centre aims to provide:

  • Hotline services for the victims of abuse.

  • Counselling and psychotherapy of victims by trained clinical psychologists.

  • Documentation of cases of abuse.


  • Databases of all the service providers for children and women to be used for referral services.

  • Legal aid.

  • Women's desk - a separate desk will be set up to deal with the problems of women. It will be staffed by women and provide legal, psychological and rehabilitative services to survivors of different traumas and abuses.

  • Missing children databases for the benefit of families.

  • LHRLA plans to provide counselling and protection service centres for juvenile prisoners.

  • Compliance with international conventions, signed by Pakistan like CRC (Convention on the Rights of Child) and CEDAW (Convention on Elimination of all sorts of Discrimination Against Women).

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