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The Hudood Ordinance

The organisation is working towards elimination of all discriminatory practices, and urges all relevant organisations and departments to agitate. It is working towards the repeal of the Hudood Ordinance which is used to victimise women. LHRLA has succeeded in getting acquittal for many of those unjustly indicted in Hudood cases, and has also taken on rape cases successfully.

The Zina Hudood Ordinance(1979)Defined

The Hudood Ordinance criminalizes Zina, which is defined as extra-marital sex including adultery or fornication.

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It also criminalizes Zina-bil-jabr, which is defined as rape outside of a valid marriage.

The Hudood Ordinance further defines Zina and Zina-bil-jabr on the basis of the assigned criminal punishment. Hence there is Zina and Zina-bil-jabr liable to Hadd (punishment ordained by the Holy Quran or Sunnah), and there is Zina and Zina-bil-jabr liable to tazir that is, any punishment other then Hadd.

The Hadd punishment is stoning to death, and the tazir punishment for Zina is up to ten years of imprisonment and whipping - up to 30 lashes and/or a fine. The tazir punishment for Zina-bil-jabr is up to 25 years of imprisonment and whipping up to 30 lashes.

LHRLA's Efforts

LHRLA has always tried to promote the principles of justice and equity, and is dedicated to combating all discriminatory laws such as the Hudood Ordinance, which are used to manipulate and harass women. Over the years, from its practical casework experiences, LHRLA has been highly sensitised to the rampant problems faced by individuals caught in the strangling clutches of this abusive and vicious system.

  • Through the efforts of LHRLA a ten year old girl who was being tried under Hudood Ordinance, was finally acquitted after being on trial for four months. The President of LHRLA, Mr. Zia Awan, who represented Shahina, claims the police grossly misuse the Hudood Ordinance, making women helpless victims of prolonged legal battles.

  • Then there was the case of Farzana who remained in prison for seven months, having been charged falsely under the Hudood Ordinance.

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