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Harassment of Working Women

It was observed that as more and more women turn to the workplace due to financial and economic constraints, there is a proportional increase in work-related problems. It has been realised that harassment at the workplace has reached endemic proportions in Pakistan; yet there is complete silence on the subject. It is not even acknowledged, much less is it a national concern. The need for understanding and redress is seen as urgent.

LHRLA has taken the initiative to set up a centre for the facilitation of women at the workplace, free from other pressures. As a result, the WWSC or Working Women's Support Centre was established.

LHRLA's Efforts

  • The first workshop on gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment was held on 14th April, 1999.

    A glance from workshop held on 'Women & Harassment at work place' on 14 April 1998


    The workshop was discussion-oriented and the participants observed that there were grassroots problems responsible for overall discrimination against women and recommended ways of dealing with the problem. They discussed ways to prevent harassment by creating social awareness.

  • A paralegal training course was conducted by WWSC, under the auspices of LHRLA from the 27th of October to 29th October, 1999. The program was aimed at raising awareness regarding the law, the facilities available, discriminations against women inherent in the legal system and high-lighted the role women themselves could play.

    The final day of the course was to expose the participants to the situations they would encounter. They were taken to labour courts, the ILO-IPEC offices, to a regular police station and then to a women's police station. Certificates were awarded to the participants.

  • A one-day workshop was held on 1st May, Labour Day, for women workers in the nursing and teaching professions and garment factory women workers. This was for workers and not organisations and NGOs.

  • A one-day program was held on 'Women and Harassment in Public Places'. This, however, was not a structured workshop but was meant to provide a platform for women workers so that they could talk freely about their problems and prioritize their concerns.

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