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Crisis Intervention & Counseling

The majority of the people who approach LHRLA to seek help or initiate proceedings also need counselling or/and crisis intervention to be able to confront their traumas and troubles in a better frame of mind.

Keeping in view the needs of the clients, LHRLA provides the service of trained clinical psychologists, who are experts in their respective fields, for the benefit of their battered clients.

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One such case of crisis intervention and counselling handled by the trained LHRLA staff was of Ms. Farzana, who as a victim of abuse, came in a very disturbed state of mind with suicidal tendencies and very low self-esteem. She was provided moral, psychological help and counselling as well as shelter through LHRLA's referral service. The follow up of the case shows that presently she is working in an office and leading an independent, healthy life with a positive attitude towards life in general and herself in particular.

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