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Child Abuse

CSA, or child sexual abuse, is probably one of the least acknowledged and least explored forms of child abuse in Pakistan. This is demonstrated by the fact there have been no prior studies or researches undertaken; children and even adults are unaware about this form of abuse and are totally ignorant about how to prevent it. There are no monitoring bodies investigating complaints and neither are the people aware of any institutional mechanisms of redress. The cultural taboos in Pakistan render the issue of CSA very difficult to deal with.

LHRLA's Efforts

CSA is so prevalent in our society that it demands a permanent strategy to empower the victims of sexual abuse and torture so that they can resist societal pressures and lead normal lives afterwards.

  • LHRLA has been providing legal aid services for child victims of sexual abuse for almost a decade; besides it also plans to provide counselling, psychological aid and referral services to the victims through 'Madadgaar'.

  • LHRLA plans to introduce a hotline service to give free counselling to victims of abuse especially women and children through 'Madadgaar'.

  • Scenes from plays performed at the theatre festival organized by LHRLA on Child Abuse

  • LHRLA has been maintaining a database of child sexual abuse and child physical abuse since 1999.

  • LHRLA organised a theatre program on the issue of 'Sexual Abuse and Exploitation amongst Children and Youth'. The program was held in the cities of Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Dadu and Karachi. The program started on November 19, 1999 and continued till December 10, 1999.

  • Another theatre program was organised in February 2000 on the theme of sexual abuse and exploitation amongst children and youth.

  • A three-day national workshop was held jointly with UNESCAP on 'Child Sexual Abuse and Commercial Exploitation' in April 1999.

  • A workshop was held on 'Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation' in Pakistan from 28th to 30th May, 2000 with the collaboration of Action Aid and UNESCAP.

  • A study carried out by UNESCAP (the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) on child sexual abuse was facilitated by LHRLA in Sindh.

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